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Striving for Sustainability through Innovation
Building Character for Success
Advancing Life’s Higher Education

Throughout his life, Venerable Master Hsing Yun, renowned for his humanistic philosophy and practice, has strived to bring about positive social change. The Three Acts of Goodness initiative – Do Good Deeds, Speak Good Words, Think Good Thoughts, is one of his most important initiatives on campus. The academic programs and extracurricular activities at NHU center around Life Education, Environmental Sustainability, Intellectual Innovation, and the Three Acts of Goodness initiative. 

Steeped in humanistic culture and values, NHU has always had a great reputation of caring and serving others, particularly in neighboring and disadvantaged communities. The establishment of the National Life Education Center in NHU, a government-commissioned project, marked the culmination of years of tirelessly promoting programs in life education, moral education, and the Three Acts of Goodness initiative on campus. These efforts led to NHU being honored with the Life Education School with Distinction award from the Ministry of Education.

We place great emphasis on the sustainable development of the environment on campus as well as surrounding communities. Advancing green energy, promoting waste recycling, and protecting the natural biodiversity on campus are long term goals of the University. The establishment of the Sustainability Center has allowed NHU to integrate local resources and further expand these initiatives to the local community. Through close collaborations between NHU and the local government, Dalin Township is now a certified Slow City, which actively promotes sustainable development, environmental conservation, and improvement of urban life by providing incentives for food production using natural and environmentally-friendly techniques. Our ongoing efforts in advancing environmental sustainability has led to the University being ranked 83rd in the Green University Worldwide rankings, and 4th overall in Taiwan.

At NHU, we believe in the free flow of knowledge, sharing creative ideas, and exchanging diverse opinions. We encourage students to utilize their entrepreneurial skills to develop innovative products for the advancement of society. The e-College at NHU offers faculty and students unimpeded access to cutting edge technologies, allowing students to engage in a broad range of learning tools and platforms.

Academic and cultural exchanges are key drivers for students to advance their studies beyond the classroom. NHU’s guiding endeavor is to cultivate students to seek knowledge and enjoy learning by experiencing, interacting, and engaging with different cultures and people. By harnessing NHU’s rich intellectual and collaborative resources, students have a unique opportunity, through the 2+2 Program, to obtain two graduation certificates from NHU and a partner university.

In recognition of our outstanding contribution made toward academia, NHU has been named the most influential private university in Taiwan. We have also received the Teaching Excellence Awards from the Ministry of Education for five consecutive years, which ranks NHU in the top ten of all universities in Taiwan that have been given this award.

Humanistic values and the Three Acts of Goodness initiative – Do Good Deeds, Speak Good Words, Think Good Thoughts, form an integral part of all activities and events at NHU. We focus on building the character of every student to be the best they can be, and become active contributors to society. As a result of these efforts, NHU has been named as a Three Virtues campus and a leading institution in moral education by the Ministry of Education.


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