Nanhua University
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校訓 -

University Motto: Wisdom, Means, Median

                Using wisdom, means and the median as pillars  for society.

Core Concept




Professional Competence

 The ability to absorb professional information
 Use of information technology and basic foreign language capabilities
 Possess a capacity for independent thinking and professional writing skills

Conscious Learning

 Capacity to engage in self-learning and self-evaluation
 Ability to initiate and to explore life-long learning


Practical Application

 Attain the necessary professional licenses
Capability to use computer technology (including word processing, graphics, web- applications)
 Ability to combine learned and practical information
 Skills to collect, analyze and use information for comprehensive decisions
 Possess entrepreneurial spirit and employability

Communication Cooperation

 Possess the skills for integration and communication coordination、Verbal expression, logical organization and teamwork
 Effectively manage personal emotions, deal with stress and strive for self-improvement
 Maintain positive attitude
 Possess creativity, adaptability, critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills
 Be respectful and posses an appreciative spirit
 Be respectful of values and beliefs of others while maintaining personal beliefs


Social Concern

 Nurture a spirit of caring and service and a thankful heart with a passion for giving back
Cultivate a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and desire to contribute society
 Encourage a spirit of discipline and concern for others
 Cultivate a professional spirit and ethics
 Develop a spirit of multiculturalism
 Cultivate a spirit of service

Balance of Mind and Body

 Possess basic knowledge of the humanities and art conservation (through interdisciplinary study including languages, art, health and fitness, natural sciences, classics and service education).
 Nurture diverse thinking, an international perspective and a thirst for continuous learning and growth.
Cultivate the ability to combine, transform and use interdisciplinary information, with the humanities as a core foundation.
 Nurture students to have humanistic qualities such as global ideology, local action, and environmental concern

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