Nanhua University
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College of Management
The Department of Accounting & information Sciences
Department of Business Administration (Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Programs in Management Sciences)
Department of Nonprofit Organization Management(Master Program)
Department of Finance (Bachelor and Master Programs in Financial Management)
Department of Leisure Management and Economics (Bachelor Program, Master Program)
Department of Cultural & Creative Enterprise Management (Bachelor Program, Master Program)
Master Program in Leisure and Environment Management
Department of Tourism Management(Bachelor Program and Master Program in Tourism Management)
Bachelor Program of International Business
College of Science and Technology
Department of Information Management(Bachelor Program)
Department of Electronic Commerce Management(Bachelor Program)
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (Bachelor Program)
Graduate Institute of Natural Healing Sciences(Master Program)
Department of Natural Biotechnology(Bachelor Program)
Bachelor Program of Information Technology
Master Program of Green Technology for Sustainability
College of Social Sciences

Department of Communication (Bachelor Program, Master Program)
Department of Applied Sociology(Bachelor and Master Programs in Sociology; Master Program in Sociology of Education)
Department of International Affairs and Business (Bachelor Program, Master Program in Asia-Pacific Studies, Master Program in Public Policy Studies, Master Program in European Studies)

College of Humanities
Department of Philosophy and Life Education (Bachelor Program, Master Program)
Department of Life-and-Death Studies(Bachelor Program, Master Program)
Department of Literature(Bachelor Program, Master Program)
Department of Early Childhood Education (Bachelor Program, Master Program)
Graduate Institute of Religious Studies
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature(Bachelor Program)
College of Arts and Design
Department of Visual Arts and Design
Department of Architecture and Landscape Design
Department of Product and Interior Design
Art Culture Research Center
Department of Ethnomusicology
Center for General Education