Nanhua University hold an exhibition about the reviews of study in different places. The exhibition was presided by a group of students and their teachers. They not only showed their achievements and the result, but also made a sample to those who willing to study oversea.
     In order to cultivate students’ international views and movability, Nanhua University expanded the activities about study somewhere outside the border. It made summer vacation such as third semester in a year. It also made students have more choices to arrange their university lives. The courses of third semester were arranged by the university. It not only made students be grown, but also kept them away from video games.
     Nanhua University arranged 12 courses with 12 schools in Malaysia, Thailand, Mainland China and other countries. There were 164 students got the scholarship from the university and went to study oversea.
     The Principle Lin of Nanhua University said that the purpose of study aboard during summer vacation is assistance teachers and students educated or be educated outside the border, it was believed could help them to increase their language ability.
     Not only students from Nanhua University, students from the related departments of sister schools can also join the course for more knowledge communicating, and learning the difference of cultures. Moreover, the journey was arranged to pay a visit to the related companies, too. After returning from other countries, students shared their experience by static state such as posters, paper report or dynamic state such as videos, briefing.
     The exhibition showed the intention of Nanhua University and the attitude of teaching or learning of teachers and students. For an examples, students from Department of Natural Biotechnology was learning environment science with Royal Technology College in Ching Mai, it made students know more about issues of environment protection. Another course led by a professor Wei-Ting, Hsu from same department to Shan-Xi Agriculture University, communicating about tea leaves protection. The students of society service team from Department of Live and Death went to Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Sichuan, to study about aging society.
     Study in different place not only made students’ dream of study oversea come true, but also trained students’ international viewpoint. Student Qiao-Li, Tsai from Department of Live and Death expressed, she was inspired by seeing the culture in different place, communicating with students from other countries in same age. She was glad that she could have the chance to see a different place on the earth and understood that her competitors were not only from the land she’s living on, but the entire world. It is the only way to increase her competitiveness by increasing her professional ability, language skills and international viewpoint.