Assistance Professor Chin-Hung, Lin from Department of Natural Biology, who took 17 students from the Department of Natural Biology and Department of Applied Society to Thailand, joining international volunteer service and observing the environment and water quality. They also entered the local Chinese school and held Chinese speech competition, encouraging students speak Chinese. For this 21 day-long journey, not only helped the students to see other place, but also helped them implement “Three Good” in life.
     The course “Environment Science”, taught by Assistance Professor Chin-Hung, Lin who leaded 17 students went to the Chinese school to do volunteer in Chiang Rai and Pai counties at northern Thailand. They went to Meping River for testing the water quality and observed the environment with Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthe. Yu-Wei, Chang, student from the Department of Biotechnology said that he could learn the difference of water quality in different places. In order to popularize education, the group were also arranged to educated students in Hei-Yu Chinese School in northern Thailand. They not only brought 36 kilogram of supplies to Thailand, but also bought paint at local for painting the wall of the school.
     Principle of Hei-Yu Chinese School, Mr. Jia-Rong, Chang said, running the school was not easy, especially the shortage of teachers and education resources, beside, it was not easy to popularize Chinese education. The 4th and 5th posterities of the “Lonely Army” spoke Thai mostly in life. We very appreciated teacher and students from Nanhua University for assistance popularizing environment education, holding a Chinese speech competition and encouraging their students speaking Chinese.
     Assistance Professor Chin-Hung, Lin said, not only offered students from Nanhua University the course of Environment Science, but also combined serving study and environment. During the journey, students studied for their own course and helped people.
     Because of there was a serious mudslide 10 years ago in Pai county, the group had prepared the teaching tools about mudslide, and shared the experience about mudslide prevention in Taiwan.