Yu-Xuan Li and Teng-Ya Dong awarded “Outstanding College Students” as the national and local levels, respectively, at Commendation Conference

Nanhua University students receive “Excellent Youth” Award

The winners of the “2019 National College Outstanding Youth” sponsored by the China Youth Corps were announced and awarded on Youth Day, March 29. The China Youth Corps has branches in multiple counties and cities across Taiwan which selected outstanding college students from selected groups. Senior from the Department of Life and Death, Xiao-Xuan Li was awarded the “National Outstanding College Student” and senior Teng-Ya Dong of the Department of Applied Sociology was awarded the “Chiayi Outstanding College Student”. In addition, the head of the public relations section of the school's secretarial office, Jia-Jun Liu, was also awarded the title “Outstanding Youth in Chiayi District”. As such, Nanhua University, which promotes life education and implements the “Three Acts of Goodness Initiative” not only cultivates outstanding students, but also encourages faculty and staff to act as role models for students.