Nanhua University always pays a lot of attention on students’ moral education, and spreads the idea of “Three Good”. In order to celebrating the 20th Anniversary and giving the grateful mind to millions of people who helped the university a lot, the university will held an activity to copy the scripture of mind by calligraphy. For other purposes, to train students how to stay in calm and raise the conservation of art, also spreads the idea of “Three Good” into the neighborhood. The university hold a press conference for starting the activity in November, 11th. Over one hundred teachers and students with directors of different department lead by principle Lin, copied the scripture of mind together in library.
     Nanahua University is moving to 20th Anniversary next year, Master Hsing Yun will be 90 years old, 60 years for preaching in Taiwan and 50th Anniversary of Fo Guang Shan. In order to remember such the historical moment, Nanhua University hold an activity for hand copy the scripture of mind in calligraphic style by thousand people. The university invited teachers and students of the campus to join the activity, also wish them tell this news to their friends and the neighborhood. Wishing over thousand people can be a part of the activity and set over ten thousand as a goal!
     Principle Lin said that the calligraphy is a traditional art of Chinese culture. It is helpful for training moral and a person’s character. The university hoped this activity can help the moral education for students.