In order to encourage schools has the culture of life education itself and people who promoted the life education. Department of Education hold a ceremony at Nanhua University in November 27th. To praise 25 people who and 20 schools helped a lot for promoting life education, also sharing their experience and made a model for others. Secondary Government Affair Officer of Department of Education Si-Lin, Lin and Director of Students’ Affair and Special Education Zhong-Cheng, Liu presented the ceremony. Nanhua University not only got the reward of “Prominent School of Life Education”, but also got the reward of “Excellent Person Reward for Life Education” for Principle Lin and Director Zou of General Study Center.
     The rewards was awarded by Mr. Liu, the Director of Students’ Affair and Special Education, he also blessed and encouraged to everyone who got the reward. Mr. Liu said that life education is something about lives, we should learn how to care about others in the beginning, more we care about others, warmer this society will be. Mr. Liu had pointed out, in order to promote life education, Department of Education set up Life Education Center in Nanhua University this March. Let universities to be the core of life education. It would make every life education resource together and spread them into everywhere in society.
     During the day, vice-professor Chao-Xing, Wang from National Changhua University of Education and teacher Xing-Dong, Jiang from Yi-Lan Fu-Shing Junior High School took lectures, showed the teaching material of life education and shared their experience about life education. Over 26 units joined the ceremony, they came from the field of education, religion and civil society.
     Principle Lin expressed that Nanhua University was founded by million people, it’s founded with religion and emphasized life energy and spirt of humanities. Nanhua University has paid a lot of attention on moral education, promoting life education and the idea of “Three Good”. It was very welcomed by every place, and it made Nanhua University to get the reward.
     The closing ceremony was presided by Mrs. Lin, Secondary Government Affair Officer of Department of Education and she pointed out that the way and meaning of life education are different in different phases, but the final purpose is making people to think positive.