Nanhua University had awarded “Honor Doctor Degree of Management Science” to Dr. Chung-Yu, Lee, in order to encourage his moral and his profession, to become a sample. During the day on the stage, Dr. Lee used “Turning impossible into possible” as his main speech subject, by sharing his life experience to encouraging students should have a dream and make it come true. Over 500 students and teachers joined the speech.
     Dr. Chung-Yu, Lee, as known as “Modern Holmes”, who led a profession crime investigation team to overcome many tough incidents. No matter at the field of profession or study, Dr. Lee is a great sample. Principle Lin awarded “Honor Doctor Degree of Management Science” to Dr. Lee, over 500 students and teachers witness this historical moment.
     The greatest achievement of Dr. Lee is bringing the science of crime investigation into a higher place. Dr. Lee had educated many variant of crime investigation and played a key role of modern science of crime investigation.
     Dr. Lee shared many ways of crime investigation and life experience. Dr. Lee said, “A person’s life is just like a very long landslide, I actually did only one thing in my life, that is turning impossible into possible!” Dr. Lee shared his own life and work experience with his humor and encouraged students trying to make their own dreams come true, reminded them making a clear target, having an advantage life attitude.
     Dr. Lee had pointed out that there are four keys to success, they are human relationship, communication, time management and business management. Each person has 24 hours a day, time management is the most important of all. Every event or business are “management”, any basic of knowledge is about management. Dr. Lee thought money is for a short moment, knowledge and experience is for future. So, he encouraged students to learn others’ experience and knowledge. Beside, Dr. Lee was agreed with the idea of “Three Good”, he said, if everyone could be nice to each other, there might be no more war in the world.