With the New Year coming, President Lin Tsung-Ming and three vice-presidents led 75 people includes senior and junior managers to consult and pay a new year call to Master Hsing Yun, who is the founder and chairman of Fo Guang Shan. The special assistant and Vice Chairman Master Tzu Hui accompanied executive deputy abbot of Fo Guang Shan Master Hhu Chuan to attend.
     By this chance, President Lin reported school running performance and development vision to Master. Master Hsing Yun indicated affirmative to school staff’s effort, and hopes teachers to cultivate professional talented people with good morality.
     Master pointed out that heaven and hell are just in the world or in the mind. With good mind, your heart will be in heaven; with bad mind, your heart will be in the hell. Therefore everyone is hovering around heaven and hell. Karmas are truth laws, which are quite scientific. However, it is generally considered that there is no justice of evil people own great wealth. In fact that health and wealth have their propagated karma, they are not cultivated by morality or begged by vegetarian and Buddha. Faith is not the insurance company. It is just misunderstanding of Karmas.
     Buddha is in the void. As long as hearts correspond to the void, the view of mountains and rivers are statements of Buddha. Dhammakaya can fill the void and full of dharma.