Nanhua University has hold many lectures in series of Classic Lecture. To let students learn something from the experience of famous people. Director Ming-Liang, Tsai was invited for this lecture by Nanhua University.
     "Stray Dogs" was directed by Mr. Tsai, and he choose to display it in Art Museum instead playing it in theaters. In the museum, Mr. Tsai broke linear narrative method, he hung some pictures on the wall, the pictures were about the scenes of the movie. It would make audience enjoyed the movie like they were in it. Especially there was unlimited for playing time in the museum, and the NG parts and the parts didn’t shown in the movie could also be shown in the museum.
     Director Tsai has been won many prizes since he directed “Vive I’Amour” and won Leone d’Oro in 1994. In 2014, he’s the first director who put movie into museum, wish audience could feel the real definition of “beauty”.
     Director Tsai will have the lecture with subject “Movie in Museum” in Nanhua University, let people calm and take slow path to learn the meaning of movies and attitude of life.