Nanhua University Library Receives Community Service Award

     In addition to providing wide-ranging academic services and resources on campus, the Nanhua University library has always played a central role in bringing together students and faculty members in a number of different ways. In recent years, the library has reinvented itself by incorporating technology and humanistic aspects to expand its services in the local community and enhance user experience. The establishment of the Books and Arts Gallery has provided an ideal location for students and artists from across the country to host art exhibitions on campus. The library regularly holds an Appreciation of Tea, Music, and Reading event, which has become an important attraction for visitors to Nanhua. The library has also opened a used-book bookstore for students looking for course books and reference materials at bargain prices. In addition, the Cloud and Water Mobile Library managed by the library provides reading materials and promotes reading to underprivileged students in rural areas. The awarding of the Community Services Award recognizes the important services provided by the Nanhua University library to the local community.