Moral is the thing that Nanhua University paid most attention. Spreading “Three Good” for a long time. Nanhua University not only was chosen to set only national Life Education Center by Department of Education, but also got the allowance for moral education from the Department of Education. It successfully implemented the spirit of “Three Good (do something good, say something good, have a good mind)”, also trained students who have specialty and humanity care.
     Nanhua University always values life education, spreads the idea of “Three Good” which was created by the founder, Master Hsing Yun, and implements it through activities and serve study. The university spreads the idea from many sides, such as establishing system, courses arrangement, etc. All activities plans will be organize well to set up the “Three Good” environment in the campus.
     In order to spread the idea of “Three Good”, the school had founded the committee of “Three Good”, the main job of the committee is course arrangement. Except changing the tradition course such as “Adult Ceremony” and      “Meditation” into obligatory course. The committee also set up some course on internet, in order to increase the positive attitude and study enthusiasm. Principle Lin pointed out that spreading the spirit of “Three Good” was combined many activities such as cleaning campus and neighbor community. The principle believed that the environment is also an important factor, so the light of “Three Good” were set up in many places in the campus, and combined the data link with Nanhua mobile application, the number of “Three Good” will be shown on the school’s website, cellphones with the mobile application and electronic board in the campus.
     Nanhua University held 500 lectures at least in recent years, the speakers were invited from many places on the earth, over 2 hundred-thousand of students and teachers participated the lectures. The school not only spreading the idea of moral education in campus, but also pushing it into the society.