Nanhua University Wins the 2017 National Sustainable Development Awards

     Under the leadership of President Tsong-Ming Lin, Nanhua University has been actively engaging in numerous initiatives that focus on environmental sustainability. Toward the end of 2017, Nanhua received the Gold Award, Corporate Comprehensive Performances Award, and the National Sustainable Development Award from the Executive Yuan. President Lin was in attendance at the ceremony to receive the awards. Over the years, Nanhua University has placed great emphasis on waste management and recycling on campus. Furthermore, the University, as part of our strategic goals, has committed a large amount of resources to low carbon projects and solar and green energy initiatives with the aim of achieving a low carbon footprint and low waste production on campus by 2021.
     Moreover, Taiwan’s Ministry of Education has selected Nanhua University to be the recipient of the Taiwan Experience Education Program. This program aims to enhance exchanges between local and foreign students on sustainable development topics. Nanhua is committed to further developing and expanding strategic goals based on the long-term vision of the University: Striving for Sustainability Through Innovation; Building Character for Success; Enhancing Life’s Higher Education, and become a leading advocate for sustainable campuses in Taiwan and worldwide.