The "First University Social Responsibility (USR) Expo", sponsored by the Ministry of Education and planned by the University's Social Responsibility Promotion Center, was held at the National Taiwan University Sports Center. Nanhua University team led by President Lin Tsong-ming joined the USR Expo for two days. The activities of Vice President Lin Chen-chang and Chief Secretary Ye Yue-jiao also attended the expo and shared accomplishments with other participating teams. The "Dalin Cittaslow Fun and Accomplishment" project sponsored by Nanhua University has accumulated five facets of "Dalin Humanity and History ", "Dalin Environment", "Dalin Tourism", "Dalin Lifestyle" and "Dalin Young Generation". It is hoped to promote local economic development and enrich local history and culture. In addition to training individuals for the Cittaslow Volunteer Team, the project means to give international visitors short travel explanations of local sites. The young people in the town and local historians who are studying abroad can stay in the local hometown while learning and understanding to better local ambiance.