In recent years, Nanhua University, which promotes teaching and local connections, combined with corporate internships and overseas study, sent the two vice-presidents Lin Chen-chang and Yang Si-wei, along with faculty and students, visited Japan during the 2018 summer vacation.  In addition, Director of General Education Lin Jun-hong and Chief Secretary for the President Ye Yue-jiao. and the Dalin Cittaslow volunteer team traveled to Gunma Prefecture Government Office in Japan, including Maebashi City Government and the Maebashi Kyoai Gakuen College to learn about Japan’s strategy of promoting local creation of COC+ projects.  Visiting MKGC delegates learn how the government helps young people to work in the community, and how universities can become the core of local development. They also discuss how the government can help slow city tourism, and work with local associations and the public to support community improvement. These delegates went to the Fo Guang Shan Benxi Temple, which provides internships and exchange programs for students.