Nanhua University, the university founded by million people, will be 20 years old next year (2016). In order to celebrate this historical moment, Nanhua University hold an activity “Heart Sutra copying in Calligraphy”. Copying Heart Sutra was believed that could cultivate students’ moral and their art conservation, this activity was welcomed by many people. Before the Christmas Eve this year, the university invited one hundred international students to copy Heart Sutra in calligraphy together, having wishes in the Christmas and the New Year. Principle Lin, Administrative Vice-Principle Lin and First-Class directors also joined the activity.
     Principle Lin expressed that Nanhua University values life education very much, and implements the idea of “Three Good”. There are about 300 international students took apart into the family of Nanhua University. They are from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macau, South Africa, Congo, mainland China and other countries. In order to let the students more understanding the traditional Chinese culture and Buddhism, the university arranged the activity. It also let students experience the art of calligraphy and helped them to clear their mind.
     Under the lead of Principle Lin, with high quality administrate and teaching group, had established wonderful teaching quality and well international reputation. Principles of other high school from other countries were willing to recommend their best students come to Nanhua University. Although everyone represented their own cultures, they can get use to the life in Taiwan beyond the care of teachers and other co-workers.
     Except copying Heart Sutra, Nanhua University also hold another activity that let international students experience the fun of rolling rice balls. There was a Christmas party being hold, improving their friendship and experience the mix of holidays of Western and Eastern.