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Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs Freshmen Seminar Q&A

Frequently asked questions


What is the study abroad program?

The study abroad program is a program designed to facilitate student exchanges, international volunteering opportunities, service education, overseas internships (including volunteering at Fo Guang Shan international branches) and other international academic activities between Nanhua University and it’s sister schools, overseas Ministry of Education recognised universities and colleges, as well as universities and colleges recognised by Nanhua Universities

I am a freshman; can I use my university entrance exams scores to apply for the study abroad program?

After you enroll, write a study abroad study plan, prepare all the required documents and hand them into you department or graduate institute. Your department will then hold a first round review meeting and if accepted, your application will be stamped for recommendation and passed on to your college offices for further review. After being reviewed and accepted by your college, your documents will then be stamped for recommendation and handed into the Office of international and Cross-Strait Affairs. Your college has to hand in your documents by the 30th October (fall semester applications) or 30th April (spring).

What documents do I need to prepare for the study abroad program?

  1. Nanhua University Study Abroad application form.
  2. Study Abroad study plan.
  3. A copy of your student card.
  4. A copy of your passport.
  5. Proof of English proficiency
  6. An original copy of your complete transcript of academic performance with class ranking.
  7. Study Abroad contract (Must be signed and handed in before you leave).
  8. All documents, forms and supporting information required by the institution you are applying to (please attach if available).
  9. Those applying for the study abroad program must attach proof of enrolment.

If I have used my previous scores to apply for the study abroad program before, is it still possible for me to apply for another study abroad program?

Yes it is. You can use your English proficiency exam scores to apply for the study abroad program. (TOEIC, GEPT, University of Cambridge BULATS, University of Cambridge, ESOL, Global English Test, IELTS, CEF Levels, CEFR Levels). The value of the grant awarded will depend on your proficiency exam scores.

I have taken an English proficiency test so my award is better this time around. This being the case may I receive two study abroad grants at the same time?

The study abroad grants/awards are given according to your last highest scoring English proficiency exam. For those who have taken the test more than once, the award will be calculated according to the difference in your exam scores. For example, if you take the New TOEIC exam and get a score of 550 points, then you may first be awarded a grant of NT$ 100,000. Should you go back and take the New TOEIC test again and this time get a score of 785 points, then you will be awarded NT$ 150,000 (a difference of NT$ 50,000). Of course students may also choose to wait until to attain your highest TOEIC scores to apply for the study abroad program and receive the highest award available.

When can I apply for the Nanhua University study abroad awards/grants?

Please hand in the required application documents to your department or graduate institutes offices by 1st October (Fall Semester) and 1st April (Spring Semester). After undergoing a review by the department, each college must then send it’s departments’ applications to the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs by the 30th October ( Fall Semester) and 30th April (Spring Semester).

Is the study abroad program the only award/grant available for those who wish to go abroad for studies? Are there other scholarships available?

Other than the study abroad awards provided by the school, students may also apply for Ministry of Education overseas study scholarships. Different countries also provide scholarships for students to study in their countries. For more information, please check the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs website.

When can I go for the study abroad program?

Other than the school approved 2+2, 3+1 programs, you may want to plan your study abroad program for the winter and summer vacations so as not to interfere with your regular clasees.

I was awarded a study abroad grant of NT$ 300,000 and I did not use it all up on my first study abroad program. Can I go for more study abroad trips?

Regardless of the value of the award you received, you may use it multiple times. It is not necessary for you to spend it all on one study abroad program, however, you may only use the same study abroad award three times.

Do I have to participate in the study abroad program in order to receive the grant or can it be changed into it’s monetary equivalent for me to take?

No it cannot. Study abroad grants and awards are there to encourage students to go abroad and gain an  international perspective and cannot be converted into cash.

For the Study abroad program, do I have to write a study abroad study plan?

The study plan is compulsory in order to be eligible for the study abroad program. The study plan is a way to teach students how to plan and manage themselves and help teachers understand your motivation and purpose for wanting to participate in the program.

Where can I find information on study abroad programs and awards?

Please check the Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs website’s Study Abroad section. We will regularly publish relevant information and students’ study abroad blogs providing useful information and insight into students’ experiences.

Does the university offer study abroad seminars or training programs?

The University will from time to time organise study abroad meetings, final outcome seminars and conferences. All related activities and information will be uploaded onto the school website, the OICA website and the Student Learning system website. Departments and faculties will also be notified. Please make sure to check the school website regularly.

Are there any conditions, restrictions and/or obligations for participating in the study abroad program?

  1. You must be a registered student for the duration of the study abroad program. Once you have completed your study abroad program you must return to the University to complete your degree.
  2. Those who wish to apply for the study abroad program must first complete a study abroad study plan which will then be reviewed for approval. Those who have been approved for the study abroad program must upon returning to Taiwan, hand in a journal report of their experiences, a short video of their activities and/or content of their study abroad program (at least 10 minutes long).
  3. The University covers a lot of tangible and intangible costs in order to be able to offer students study abroad opportunities, as such, students who return from study abroad programs are required to attend the final outcome seminars to share their experiences and thoughts with junior students. This is also is also mentioned on students graduation record.

Who can I contact?

Miss Margaret H. Tsai    05-2721001 ext.1731