Nanhua University
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The purpose of the university library is to support research and teaching, and offer services to readers. At the same time, it reflects concerns of the university to humanity and academic pursuits that lead readers to good reading experiences.
In March of 1998, the University began changing the site of the library and finally reopened the facility in June. It was subsequently named “Boundless Treasure”. The name derives from the ancient temple transferring the sacrifice from benefactors to lend to others to earn the interest to support the remodeling of the temple and daily activities. The method of earning from interests increases significantly the amount of money available. Now “Boundless Treasure” has been borrowed to name the library to convey the meaning that, although money might be used up some day, only knowledge and wisdom are increased limitlessly—a real boundless treasure. Library is a deep ocean of knowledge and a central core of university in a practical sense. It is such a condition that makes it a place comfortable, lighted and clean, sweet and cozy. The original design of the university library is a five-story building. We expect each reader will feel being at his/her home when he/she enters the building to browse among the shelves in a leisurely manner. 
Now the library provides 727 seats and the holdings consist of 210000 volumes of books, 10922 titles of periodicals, 111 data base services (the statistics reported as of September, 2001). The library is totally computerized and automatic. In the near future, it will continually institute a variety of specialized services and an integrated service to support any research in the university.

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